I took AYS [the precursor to OWL]. The first time it was all new and you can only take in so much. When I took it a second time, the information was able to sink in better. You actually learn the information, and it is important information to know in order to keep yourself safe and to have an edge over other people by being more comfortable about sexuality and allowing me to deal with the subject in a relaxed way. When you get older, you are ready for more information to get further into the subject of sexuality and learn more. 
— Areen Bissar
Taking AYS  (About Your Sexuality, the precursor to OWL) was great. It came in handy because all of my friends had so many questions and I was able to give them truthful answers and keep the myth mill from occurring. I felt like I could help my friends to keep safe by giving them good information. 
— Jillian Bissar
OWL: the alternative to schools “Abstinence Ed”. This course actually talks about both sides of sex, the good (which schools “forget” to mention) as well as the bad (which schools show as SEX=DEATH in some “educational” videos). It’s a great way to spend time: have fun, learn a lot, have more fun. I hope all kids will come to OWL and strongly encourage their parents to let them. 
— Kali Smith , OWL Graduate (Middle School)